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Cinema For All SWG, previously known as the South West Group of the British Federation of Film Societies, represents and supports over 70 Film Societies and Community Cinemas in the region. It is organised by a small team of volunteers who have experience in running their own venues and have an established track record for helping new ventures get off the ground with trial screenings and technical advice.


Love is Strange This Spring, Cinema for All South West held another two-part Viewing with venues in the east and west of the wide-flung region – late April, our hosts were FilmCrew in the Somerset town of Crewkerne and two weeks later, the same programme was screened down the A30 in Hayle. Here are two impressions of the events, the first from SW Co-Chair, John Holmes and the second from Regional Secretary, Brian Clay, who made the journey down to West Cornwall.


“Wadham School was buzzing with activity from the word go as the hundred delegates from 27 Societies enjoyed coffee & biscuits while they made their film choices for the day and chose DVDs from the Bring & Buy sale.

The main hall of FilmCrew’s venue provided an excellent venue with its raked seating and large screen, the second viewing room was smaller with a friendly informal atmosphere.

A fascinating contribution to the programme of short films was made by Purple Field Productions, a charity, who work in some of the poorest countries enabling local people to make their own films They showed 'Backpack Cinema' an astonishing demonstration of pedal powered projectors and 'Brick Stove Drama' made in Malawi. Other shorts were selections from the Encounters 2014 collection and ranged from serious (Padre) to hilarious (Car Park)

In the morning sessions Love is Strange, Kumiko and The Golden Dream fared less well on overall audience reaction than did the Ethiopian drama, Difret; however, each one had a very enthusiastic minority supporting them.

Lunch was fairly hectic as hungry delegates poured out of the viewing rooms, only delayed by their search for toilets.

The after-lunch Members’ Forum was well attended with a good exchange of advice and experiences resulting from the various contributions by the delegates.

In the afternoon, Still Life proved itself as a good Film Society programmer, thanks to a solid performance from Eddie Marsan whilst the outstanding Italian thriller Human Capital took the honours as the film of the day in the voting."


“The wonderfully-named Passmore Edwards Institute proved an ideal venue for the Cornish leg. The high-ceilinged upstairs room, the home of Hayle Film Club, provided one of the screens with John Bennett as projectionist whilst downstairs Claire Marshall and the Carn to Cove team did the honours. The same films screened at Crewkerne were shown with remarkably similar audience reactions: all six titles ended up in the same order at both events with Human Capital, from the Cinema for All Booking Scheme, topping the voting (see the Combined Audience Reactions).

Although the numbers attending were fewer than last year’s Launceston event, it was very successful in bringing Cinema for All members together with others providing community cinema in Cornwall: Adam Webster, Coordinator of Carn to Cove’s C Fylm and Louise Fox from the Cornwall Film Festival met up with SW Group members as well as Peter Martin who had made the long journey from Cinema for All’s Sheffield office. Peter was recently appointed the Project Manager for the Reaching Communities initiative where Cornwall is one of three pilot areas and was able to make useful contacts for taking the project forward. All this networking and excellent catering from Harry’s Café made for a very successful end to the Spring Viewing season.

We must also thank Tiffany Holmes and Film Hub South West and West Midlands for once again supporting the Cornwall event."

Here is a PDF file of the combined reactions from both venues.

Film List 2015

A revised Film List 2015 is on-line now. Please check under Resources and Film Suggestiions.


The screening of Alternative Content (AC) is gaining in popularity with Film Societies and Community Cinemas. This involves the screening of opera, ballet or theatre performances onto the screens of venues normally used for film projection. Looe Film Society have kindly produced a guide reflecting their experiences with this kind of operation. We feel sure the guide will prove useful to many organisations.
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Cinema for All Booking Scheme

Cinema for All has a large collection of excellent recent and classic films as part of its DVD Booking Scheme. These films can be hired by Cinema for All members at very reasonable rates. Please click on the link to the national Cinema for All website for details about the scheme and the films.